The Apple Kingdom (One Act) by Eric Pettifor


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The Apple Kingdom (One Act) by Eric Pettifor

The Apple Kingdom is small and not much. Its young king is mocked by other kings. He goes to a mighty witch and asks her to make him powerful. But what can he offer such a power that she could not get for herself? He agrees to give to her his first born daughter on her 16th birthday. But when that time approaches, he knows that he has done a wicked thing. And bound by the magical contract he can do nothing to help his daughter. But perhaps the young prince who has come a wooing, with the help of the witch's familiar (a talking lizard), can somehow save the day?

Keywords: Fairy tale, musical

Running Time: 50 minutes

Male Cast: 2

Female Cast: 2

Other Cast: 2

Suitable for School Productions: Students 10+

Maximum Number of Roles: 24

Minimum Number of Roles: 6