Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town - the musical by Craig Cassils


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Discover the humorous idiosyncrasies of the people of Mariposa, the universal ‘small town’ that Stephen Leacock famously created in his novel Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town. Through this musical adaptation with entertaining script and song, the characters of Mariposa encounter issues of misunderstanding, crises and change in their quaint historical era, not unlike we still do today.
Acts 2
Running Time: 120
Male Roles: 11
Female Roles: 9
Casting Notes
Characters range in age from young adults to older adults. Actors in lead roles are featured in solos, duets and trios. As well, there are many incidental solos, duets, etc. in which other singers can be highlighted. There are major chorus numbers throughout the show where the whole choir is showcased.