Silence and The Machine by Liam Salmon


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Silence and The Machine by Liam Salmon

She is in every way indistinguishable from a human being. Skin stretched from a plastic polymer over metal bones, an artificial breathing cycle designed to simulate life, and a brain that reprograms itself forming its own synapses and neurological connections. All of which is owned and patented by someone else. Anya is an android with perfect artificial intelligence, Robb is her creator, and Eve will do whatever it takes. Together they will discover just how human Anya really is. Cut her and she'll bleed, she'll bruise even, but when the last drop runs dry...

Keywords: Robot, artificial intelligence, A.I., feminism, cyberfeminism, gender, female, women, horror, science, science fiction, fiction, drama

Running Time: 60 minutes

Male Cast: 1

Female Cast: 2

Suitable for School Productions: Students 16+