The Piano Teacher by Dorothy Dittrich


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The Piano Teacher by Dorothy Dittrich

When Erin, a classical pianist, experiences the tragic loss of the life she knew, she finds herself dealing with the departure of her own musical expression. Navigating her way through the difficult terrain of grief, she meets an unconventional piano teacher who gives her new hope for the future.  As Elaine  gently guides Erin, other life changes follow, not just for the student but for the teacher as well, who learns she has grief of her own to face. The Piano Teacher tells a story of love, loss and new life, letting go and moving through the difficult passages. It’s a play about friendship and the healing power of music. The Piano Teacher poses the question: can we teach what we do not know?

Keywords: piano teacher, piano, classical music, music, grief, friendship, female friendship, healing, healing power of music

The Piano Teacher won the Jessie Richardson Award for Outstanding Original Script and had 3 nominations in total.

First Produced: Arts Club Theatre April 20 - May 14, 2017

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 110 minutes

Acts: 2

Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 2

Casting note: Both Erin and Elaine play the piano in the play however, being able to play is not a requirement. The roles were written for actors so the pieces they play are simple and are played only briefly. Of the two roles, the actor playing Elaine has the most playing to do - some background would be helpful but again, not necessary given enough time to prepare.

" a piece of writing, The Piano Teacher is an impressive accomplishment..."

- Colin Thomas

"The Piano Teacher... is a beautiful meditation on grief, loss, and the healing power of music."

- Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight