My Chernobyl by Aaron Bushkowsky

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A naïve Canadian man travels to Belarus to give an inheritance to his father’s last remaining relative. While there, he meets his long-lost cousin, a beautiful, young Russian woman, who sets her sights on her wealthy relative as a ticket out of the radiation-blasted country. My Chernobyl is a quirky romance set in the existential old country, where cultures and ideals clash with touching and hilarious results.

Cast size: 5 actors
Male roles: 3
Female roles: 2

"My Chernobyl repeatedly surprised me into laughter—and challenged me to think seriously about why I had laughed… splendidly original work…" —The Georgia Straight

"A Canadian innocent experiences the bleakness of post-Communist, post-Chernobyl Eastern Europe and the gentle absurdism of Chekhov. " —The Vancouver Province

"If Gogol had been Canadian, he might have written something like My Chernobyl. " —The Vancouver Courier