Monarita by Shannon Bramer


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Mona and Rita come together for a scheduled "meeting" to exchange valuable information regarding their current desires (a list of wants) and grievances (a list of things to be done away with). Mona and Rita seem to possess special (fantastic or witch-like) powers and the ability to bring about great change in the world, even as they struggle with paralyzing fears and challenges in their own lives. These meetings, although important to both women, have become increasingly irregular and are at risk of ending altogether if the source and force of their connection is not examined and revived. Mona and Rita are more than friends, they are like two halves of one being, like two lovers on the verge of breaking-up or breaking free. For Rita, change is afoot. Mona, however, requires the more traditional intervention of a divine power. He arrives in the form of a dapper hairstylist with a light step and a strong singing voice.

Year Printed: 2012

First produced in 2010 at Arts and Culture Centre, St. John's, NF

Running TIme: 55 minutes
Acts: 1

Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 2