Knickers! - A "Brief" Comedy by Sarah Quick


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Knickers! - A "Brief" Comedy by Sarah Quick

When the paper mill in Elliston Falls closes, sending the small, rural town into an economic depression, a trio of determined, Wednesday-night weightwatchers and a newly appointed tourism officer must rally their community to save both jobs and spirits.
Their plan of creating a custom underwear business becomes the foundation of the town’s survival in this comedy that celebrates determination, entrepreneurial spirit, and the willingness to bare it all.

Keywords: women, rural, small town, hope, entrepreneurship, resilience, friendship, relationships, job loss,

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 95 minutes
Female roles: 4
Casting note: Four actresses play all the roles and should be representative of ‘real women’ - that is they should be all shapes and sizes
Suitable for students 14+
“In brief, Knickers bares small town ‘chutzpah’”
— Densire Lemire, Curtain Calls
“The two acts seemed to fly by in an instant as the audience jumped to its feet in a thunderous standing ovation to justly reward the actors at the final curtain call. Knickers is a “must see” for anyone wanting to put a glow of merriment on their summer.”
- Francie Dennison
“The show has had great success wherever it’s played, especially in small towns where people can relate to the challenges the ladies face”
— Donnie Bowes, Artistic Director, Upper Canada Playhouse