Kitimat by Elaine Avila


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Kitimat, British Columbia, an industry town in glorious wilderness, finds itself the center of international controversy when the town is asked to vote ‘no’ or ‘yes’ on an upcoming oil pipeline project. The construction of the pipeline will have lasting environmental implications for the town, the region, and our climate. The play centres on a Portuguese-Canadian family: Marta Viveiros, a City Councillor, has worked for years to bring lucrative projects to Kitimat, to give her son work, and the town a future. When Julia, her sister, begins connecting to the environment through hiking and whale watching, Julia starts to object to Marta’s plans. But if Julia opposes Marta publicly, she puts her husband’s, her nephew’s and her daughter’s jobs at risk. As Julia and Marta’s twenty-something children struggle to find a footing in the boom town, Julia remembers the different lives her parents led at the same age, when they first came to Kitimat. All of the Viveiros sift through their family and their town’s past, to find a way to move into the future. As election day approaches, the residents of Kitimat struggle to decide between economic prosperity or protection of the natural world. Inspired by true events.

Keywords: Portugese, environmental, oil, gas, smelter industries, strong roles for women, roles for 40ish women, many roles for 20 year olds
Running TIme: 120 minutes
Acts: 2
Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 3
# of Male roles: 3-8 # of Female roles: 3-8