Human Rat Lab by Bruno Lacroix


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Extorting big business? Yes! Writing ‘them’ a damning blackmail letter? Of course!
Demanding hundreds of thousands from this ‘seedy’ corporation? Naturally, it should be easy. But that is not the case when Valerie Ann Bennett, head of said company, hires a
private detective to find the culprit before he brings her pharmaceutical empire down to its knees. Unconventional, unconvincing, and un- everything really, Charles Picket would not be Ms. Bennett’s first choice for a P.I. were it not for the discretion he organically provides.
Throw in his cleaner, and a struggling stuttering actor as his associates and this case looks like it could very well implode in Ms. Bennett’s face. In fact it does indeed implode. But not in a way she ever suspected in this hilarious hit comedy script.

Keywords: comedy, farce, hit comedy, success, absurd comedy, hilarious, hit

Year Printed: 2015

First Produced: 2015 at L'Amuse Theatre, Montpellier, France.

Written With: Cobaye Humain, adapted by Amanda Gilmore

Running TIme: 85 minutes
Acts: 1

Comments: There are short videoclips of the original French version on You can access those clips on the playwright's website:

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