Herr Beckmann's People by Sally Stubbs


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Art, war, and the politics of culture collide in Sally Stubbs' moving account of a family's legacy of beauty and brutality. Anna, an established painter living in Canada, returns to Munich - the city she ran from decades earlier. As this poetic and powerful drama unfolds, Anna forces her family to answer tough questions about their past and the events of World War II. While her mother plays a private concert, history unravels, and Anna is confronted with a moral dilemma of her own. Inspired by actual events, Herr Beckmann's People explores the question: How do we live with the choices we have made?

Year Printed: 2011
First produced in 2010 at Touchstone Theatre and Playwrights Theatre Centre, Vancouver, BC

Running Time: 90 minutes

Acts: 2

Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 3