GOING UP by Kiki Dranias


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GOING UP by Kiki Dranias

GOING UP by Kiki Dranias is a 40-minute psycho-erotic drama. In the play’s immersive environment, two strangers get stuck in an elevator and end up being both pawn and key masters to each other’s deepest and darkest desires. Here, a man with a death wish comes face-to-face with a suppressed killer, and there’s no way out. The stark, avant-garde piece unravels while probing a deep-rooted struggle with depression, control, the right to live-and-die, and self-actualization.

Keywords: drama, erotic, psycho, Montreal, female, empowerment, assisted-suicide, depression, carpe diem, elevator, immersive, self-asphyxiation, immersive, site-specific, feminist

GOING UP was Kiki's debut play. This inaugural Purple Divine production presented 14 sold-out shows in November 2019, in the form of a site-specific immersive theatrical experience, with the cast and audience members all on board freight Elevator #1 at LE 5800 St. Denis. It kicked ass.

Genre: Drama
Acts: 2
Run time: 40 minutes
Content note: Contains some swearing, references to suicide and depression

Cast size: 2 actors
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 1

Nominated for seven awards at the 2020 META (Montreal English Theatre Awards), winner of:
Outstanding New Text
Outstanding Emerging Playwright & Producer
Outstanding Independent Production

“...Going Up is raw, intimate, existential and erotic… it’s grittier than any set could emulate… a deeply psychological story… Dranias’s original script is nothing short of brilliant… is a must-see… Going Up will blow you away. “ - Celine Cardineau, Critic, Montreal Theatre Hub

“The characters were immediately gripping, their universe both savagely contemporary and timelessly archetypical...The script of Going Up is powerful, visceral, and thought provoking. The performance is a stunning experience for an audience willing to be exposed at such close proximity to so much sufferer, manipulation and rage. This play deserves to be experienced by other audiences.” - Guy Rodgers, Executive Director, English Language Arts Network (ELAN)