Frozen River by Michaela Washburn, Joelle Peters and Carrie Costello


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Frozen River by Michaela Washburn, Joelle Peters and Carrie Costello

In Frozen River, Grandmother Moon guides us through the story of two eleven year olds, born under the same blood moon, but in different parts of the world. Set in a forest, destined to become Manitoba, this new play follows their stories as they meet, and that of their descendants who meet in the present day. A broken promise from the past can be righted when there is finally an openness to learn from those who have protected and honoured the waterways for centuries.

Keywords: Indigenous reconciliation, maskeko-Ininiwak (Swampy Cree) ᒪᐢᑫᑯᐃᓂᓂᐗᐠ, Theatre for Young Audience
Genre: Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA)
Run time: 50 minutes
Suitable for students 6+
Content note:  This play revolves around promises broken by settlers in the past and the potential honouring of those promises in the present. The play challenges the young audience to listen and ask questions.

Cast size: 3 actors
Female roles: 3
Casting notes: Grandmother Moon and Okânawâpacikêw are Indigenous. Grandmother moon plays Struana who is a puppet which Grandmother moon operates. Normally this play would be produced with two adults playing the 12 year old girls. This play requires a language keeper to ensure pronunciations of the maskeko-Ininiwak (Swampy Cree) language. The playwrights can provide resources and contact information if the producer doesn't not have a suitable connection.

Cover Image courtesy of MTYP