Four Criminal Acts by Peter Paylor


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Four Criminal Acts by Peter Paylor

"Four Criminal Acts"

"Four Criminal Acts", as the titles suggests, is a sequence of four acts with a crime at the centre of each. The acts can be performed with the same cast of four actors or they can be performed utilizing a different cast for each or they can be performed singly, as stand-alone one-act plays. The four criminal acts are:

"The Green Thumb Gang"

Edith and Gertrude venture out from their retirement home most mornings for a walk—at least that’s what they tell Detective Barnes when Mr. Doherty comes home to find that they’ve walked right into his upscale apartment and Detective Barnes arrives to find the two ladies all tied up. They say they’re only there to water the plants, but what’s Edith doing with Mr. Doherty’s laptop under her arm? And where’s Lady Muffintop? She’s strictly an indoor cat. She’s not in the bag, but something is and it’s the answer to all the detective’s questions. Well…except one. What is causing the brown spots on his houseplants?

"A Generous Gift"

Mr. Ulrich has a plan for getting by without his longtime secretary once she retires, but Ms. Shaw has a plan of her own – beginning with the perfect retirement gift from her boss. After all, those are exactly the kinds of little details she’s always handled for him. Sure, it’s a generous gift, but after everything she’s done for the company, she deserves it. Or does she? Mr. Ulrich thinks she needs to be put in her place. She thinks she needs to be put in his.

"Maybe Flowers"

Constance inherited the family fortune; Arthur inherited his father’s job. She’s filthy rich; he’s a dirty crook. But money can’t buy everything, and when Constance hires Arthur to steal what she can’t have, they discover that they have much more in common than anyone would have thought and much more to talk about than they should…especially in the middle of a heist.

"Tea With Roger"

Joan and Mavis may be the best of friends but Joan hasn’t seen Mavis since Mavis met Roger. So when an invitation to a wedding comes in the mail the same day as an invitation to tea, Joan has questions. Who exactly is this Roger? What’s with the exotic new tea Mavis is serving? What are those strange sounds coming from the closet? What is that noise? Raccoons in the walls? Where is this Roger? And why is there a taser on the tea cart?

Keywords: Seniors, Comedy

Run time: 95 minutes

Male roles: 4
Female roles: 6