The Forever Girl by David Simmonds


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Everyman JOE POPE has won the lottery for a lifetime supply of the HAHA Pill. Developed by HAHA Chemicals*. Their pill is claimed as a scientific breakthrough to extend life and reverse aging for the human race but has yet to establish any proven track record except in middle-aged mice. But with a little bit of luck JOE POPE could live for a thousand years. If the marketing plans of The Corporate Wringer run by Damien Allen don’t kill him first.
Having become a valuable property to be educated, branded, toured and promoted we follow Joe as he steps into on journey of a lifetime and accompany him on his visits to the various offices of the powers that be.

* (HAHA) = Happy And Healthy Aging.

Year Printed: 2016

Running Time: 25 minutes

Acts: 1

Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 1