Fado by Elaine Avila


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Fado by Elaine Avila

Luisa goes to Lisbon to study fado, the music of her people. Luisa’s mother, Rosida, comes along. Rosida disagrees with Luisa about all things Portuguese. During her lessons, Luisa discovers her mother’s favorite fado is fascist. Rosida looks up Rui, their mysterious, long lost cousin. Rui reveals he is a fado singer (a “fadista”) and a Drag Queen. This inspires Luisa, who begins to sing fados of resistance to the dictatorship. Luisa begins a love affair with Tristão, a sexy Portuguese writer; they explore the city. Luisa finds the courage to sing in a fado club, becoming a fadista.

Fado received a workshop at PTC in Vancouver and a reading at Saudades Theatre in New York City in 2017.

Keywords: Portuguese, Music

Running Time: 90 minutes

Male Cast: 3

Female Cast: 3