Every Day She Rose by Andrea Scott & Nick Green


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Every Day She Rose by Andrea Scott & Nick Green

In a diverse, metropolitan city, two best friends, following their annual tradition of attending the Pride parade, discover they’re no longer on the same page when identity politics and civil disobedience crash the party. Pride goeth before the fall couldn’t be more apt as the personal becomes political with heartbreaking results.
Cathy Ann (29) is a straight black, cis gender female who’s effervescent, smart, and open. She grew up in the suburbs, middle class and has two brothers, one of whom is a pastor. She never considered herself political until a wakeup call from a girl with a megaphone.
Mark (29) is a gay white, cis gender male who is always the one you want to sit beside at a party. He grew up in the suburbs and met his first ally in Cathy-Ann. One of too many brothers, Mark has always loved the forthright, fun energy of the women in his life. Intelligent, funny, sharp, and finally feeling settled in the world where he can call himself a ‘grown-up)
This play also occupies a metatheatrical space where the actors who play Cathy-Ann and Mark are also expected to play the writers, Andrea Scott and Nick Green. The actors who play these parts need to be able to handle comedic dialogue as well as serious, didactic discourse.

First produced by Nightwood Theatre, Toronto, 2019

Keywords: gay; The Village; Pride; Black Lives Matter; women; micro-aggressions; parade; homosexuality; privilege
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Run time: 75 minutes
Acts: 1
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 1
Doubled roles: 2
Casting note:  This play must be performed by a White Male and Black Female  
"Every Day She Rose is a bracing, highly charged, funny, intelligent play and it’s important."
"...absolutely of the moment and asks important questions."
- Susan G. Cole, Now Magazine
"As an audience member you want to be challenged. You want your ideas shaken up. You want your comfort zone tested. Every Day She Rose does exactly that and more, but in a most entertaining way."
- Paula Citron, Ludwig Van Toronto