Eva in Rio by Gabe Maharjan


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Eva in Rio by Gabe Maharjan

Eva is a 20 year old trans girl who has woken up in Rio de Janeiro on the daywhen she will finally complete her transition. Eva is on a fantastical adventure in pursuit of the perfect boy and the perfect body set in an introspective wonderland. Eva grapples with her identity as she encounters ridiculous and strange characters. Whether she’s Tindering or debating with Christ, all is stumbled upon in this magically turbulent world.

The play contains seven characters that can be performed by two to seven performers. Eva must be performed by a trans-identifying performer.

Keywords: lgbt, lgbtq, trans, surreal, fantasy, summer, brazil, young, religion, fame, social media, dating, romance, internet

Genre: Surreal dark comedy
Run time: 90 minutes
Acts: 2
Maximum number of roles: 7
Minimum number of roles: 2
Suitable for students aged 14+
This play received a staged reading at Centaur Theatre and Playwrights' Workshop Montreal, Montreal, January 2019
As well as a development Presentation at Playground Productions, Montreal, June 2019