Enoch Arden in the Hope Shelter by Judith Thompson

Playwrights Canada Press

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Jabber and Ciel, two homeless lovers, are trying to create a performance piece for the shelter’s talent show.
Ciel is catatonic and will only express herself through Strauss’s music on the piano and through classical song, while Jabber moves in and out of psychotic delusion. Their lives are desperate but they find peace, refuge, and blissful love in performing their own wild and woolly personalized version of Tennyson’s classic epic poem “Enoch Arden.” This is a play about the truly redemptive and empowering nature of art, and how it can be recreated and reclaimed by anyone with the hunger and the will to do so.

Based on Tennyson’s “Enoch Arden” and the melodrama for piano by Richard Strauss.

Year Printed: 2006
First produced in 2005 at Theatre Centre, Toronto, ON

Acts: 1

Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 1