Cottage Radio by Taylor Marie Graham


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Cottage Radio by Taylor Marie Graham

The Marley clan crams together in their family cottage just outside Goderich, Ontario in the aftermath of an F3 tornado. This is the first time all of these weirdos have been in the same room since the death of their mother some years before. Over the course of three days, the family deals with losses both material and emotional, both in the past and the present. The play is often structured through a radio show that is broadcast to the town of Goderich from the cottage living room. The people of Goderich call into this radio program to tell their stories relating to the Goderich tornado adding another layer addressing questions of home.
Year Printed: 2016
First Produced: 2014 at Goderich Little Theatre, Goderich, ON.
Running Time: 90 minutes
Acts: 3
Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 3