Chronic Christmas by Tina Silver


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It's late January but Doug's cubicle at the struggling Westway Restaurant Supplies is still decked out in Christmas decor. He's also been saying some very strange things to co-workers and customers: specifically, he believes he works for Santa Claus' North Pole operations (off-site, of course.) Doug makes life very difficult for his co-worker Frank and their manager Susan once they discover Doug's trying to ship merchandise to Santa. Temp employee and frustrated actor April is torn between wanting to believe the magic Doug promises and keeping her own sanity. With possible layoffs looming, will Doug's obsession seal everyone's fate?

Keywords: Christmas, Santa Claus, North Pole, office jobs, layoffs

Year Printed: 2015

Running Time: 120 minutes

Acts: 2

Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 3

Casting Notes: Actors of any ethnicity can be cast.