Cast Iron by Lisa Codrington

Playwrights Canada Press

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Image Cast Iron

From the Sun drenched cane fields of Barbados to the sub-zero temperatures of Winnipeg, follows Libya Atwell, a bajan immigrant, as she wields acerbic with and humour in an attempt to appease the ghosts of her past. Alone in her Winnipeg nursing home, Libya recives an unexpected vistor from Barbados. Past repression resurfaces, until the tragedy that shaped her life spills from her soul. A rich story so vivid with idland, you can see Libya's legs flying through the cane fields, tase the bakes she's cooked up in her grandmother's cast iron and feel the swell of the ripe and sticky breadfruit.
Year Printed: 2006
First produced in 2005 at Nightwood Theatre
Running TIme: 90 minutes

Female Cast: 1