Book Club by Kristen Da Silva


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Book Club by Kristen Da Silva

Josh joined book club to get closer to Annie. Small issue: Annie is oblivious to Josh's feelings for her... and she's engaged to another man. When Josh's two buddies - a smooth talking personal trainer and a heartbroken nerd - realize book club is a novel place to meet women, the ensuing gathering makes for an unforgettable night, even if they never get around to discussing the book.

Keywords: Romantic comedy, love, dungeons and dragons, book club

Genre: Comedy

Acts: 2

First produced by August Theatre Co., Hamilton, August 2015

Running Time: 85 minutes

Male Roles: 3

Female Roles: 3

Suitable for students 16+

"Book Club... is a wonderful confirmation that perhaps outwardly staid book clubs provide infinite comedic material to be mined."

- Graham Segger