Blood of Our Soil by Lianna Makuch


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Blood of Our Soil by Lianna Makuch

Blood of Our Soil is the story of Hania, a Canadian woman, who reflects on fond memories of summers spent with her beloved Ukrainian grandmother, her Baba. A chance discovery allows her to gain new insights into her Baba’s struggles during WWII and Hania is compelled to gain a deeper understanding of both her personal and cultural history. Hania’s search for answers brings her to the edge of the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine. Here she meets the people and sees the places touched by war, and finally confronts the truths of her Baba’s past.

The story is inspired by the journal account of the playwright’s grandmother (Baba), and the true stories of people in the heart of the conflict zone of Eastern Ukraine.

Keywords: War, Ukraine, Culture, History, WWII, aging, grandparent, Eastern Europe

First produced by Pyretic Productions in association with Punctuate! Theatre, March 2019

Genre: Drama

Run time: 120 minutes
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 4
Suitable for students aged 14+