Beautiful Man by Erin Shields


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Beautiful Man by Erin Shields

BEAUTIFUL MAN is a raucous, bawdy, scathing satire of gender roles in popular film and television. In a world in which women are the subjects and men are the objects, three women talk about the latest Hollywood Blockbuster: a police drama starring a grizzled female cop, who is watching a TV show starring an Amazon Queen, who is watching a play starring a Roman Empress, who is watching a puppet show starring an aggressive cave woman. As one narrative folds into another, violence becomes more gratuitous, horrifying, and recognizable. All the while, a silent, beautiful man is increasingly subjugated and increasingly naked. Finally ... he speaks. BEAUTIFUL MAN is a cheeky, vicious, sexy evisceration of the stories we find ourselves consuming alone in the dark.

Keywords: feminist, comedy, satire, gender

Genre: Raunchy feminist comedy
Run time: 90 minutes
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 3
Produced by:
Groundwater Productions (Part One) at Summerworks in 2015
Theatre Projects Manitoba (Part One) in Winnipeg in 2016
Factory Theatre (Full Play) in May 2019
" Erin Shields’s Beautiful Man is a razor-sharp satire that hilariously skewers the tropes of female characters in film and TV...  It’s remarkable – and equally troubling – how Beautiful Man was so prophetic that, four years later, the issues it tackles feel just as resonant and even more urgent."
" There’s a great deal of rage underlying this play, but also many humorous elements, and so many things to admire about Shields’s acute observations and inversions of expectation... Every new play from her is a challenge, and a treat."