Bare Bear Bones by Michael Grant


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Norman and Ruth are empty nesters who, after 25 years of raising children discover they have lost the spark their marriage once had. On the advice of a discount marriage councilor, they return to a place where they remember being in love, The Bear Bones Family Campground. Arriving late due to a less than road-worthy tent trailer, they set up camp in the dark. The next morning sheds light, not only on their campsite, but also on the fact that since camping there years ago with their children, Bear Bones Family Campground has also seen some changes and became The Bear Bones Alternative Lifestyle Campground. Unable to leave, due to a broken trailer, this very conservative duo must work together to avoid all "that flops and giggles' on the other side of the hedge while trying to save their marriage. Bare Bear Bones is a story of love and communication.
Year Printed: 2012
Running TIme: 110 minutes
Acts: 2
Male Cast: 4
Female Cast: 4