After You by Dave Carley (digital)


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After You by Dave Carley (digital)

Adele is dying - and Jean is helping her. 

The cousins have returned to the family cottage on Lake Kawartha, so that the stroke-ravaged Adele may die in peace and dignity, in surroundings she loves. Jean methodically administers the required drugs - but even as Adele's life ebbs away, memory refuses to lose its hold.

The cottage and lake conjure up the ghosts of their former selves and that of the young man who, to their mind, was the "fork in the road".

A unique memory play where it's possible to speak to your younger self - and have your younger self answer - whether you want her to, or not.

Keywords: After You, memory play, romance, summer, Peterborough, Ontario, Kawartha, cottage.

Running Time: 100 minutes

Male Cast: 1

Female Cast: 4