Adventures for Big Girls: Seven Radio Plays edited by Ann Jansen

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In Adventures for (Big) Girls, Canada's finest women playwrights take on their heroes of choice and write their own adventures. The result: steamy, desert sex; trick-shooting and buffalo hunting; muck-raking journalism; disguise; bravery and rebellion!

Here are the newly dramatized lives of Isabelle Eberhardt, the desert adventurer; Anna Swan, a giant in P.T. Barnum's gallery; Karen Ridd, a Canadian peace-worker in El Salvador; Calamity Jane of the Wild West; Nellie Bly, reporter for the New York World; Wallis Simpson, mistress and wife to an ex-King; and the German terrorist Ulrike Meinhof.


Oblivion: A Story of Isabelle Eberhardt by Banuta Rubess

Living Curiosities: A Story of Anna Swan by Mary Vingoe

Companeras by Carol Bolt

Calamity Jane and the Fat Buffalo Moon by Peggy Thompson

Nellie Bly: Ten Day In A Madhouse by Beverley Cooper

The Duchess: Pieces of Wallis Simpson by Linda Griffiths

No, Here Comes Ulrike Meinhof by Banuta Rubess