Play Reading Relay WTD2020 Participants & Titles

Here you will find a complete list of all of the participants from the World Theatre Day 2020 Play Reading Relay!

If the works that they read are available in the CPO, they will be linked here as well!


Sophia Fabiilli - Liars at a Funeral

Anna Chatterton - Quiver [plus more by Anna here]

Lawrence Aronovitch - The Auden Test [plus more by Lawrence here]

Megan Hunt - Cool

Diane Flacks - Unholy [plus more by Diane here]

Jenna Harris - So She Said [find another work by Jenna here]

Genevieve Adam - If The Shoe Fits [plus more by Genevieve here]

Marcus Youssef - DUST [find other works by Marcus here]

Marcia Johnson - Kate and Bianca [find other works by Marcia here]

Omari Newton & Amy Lee Lavoie - Redbone Coonhound

Trina Davies - The Auction [find other works by Trina here]

Katherine Koller - Riverkeeper [find other works by Katherine here]

Patti Flather - Paradise [find other works by Patti here]

Steven Gallagher - Stealing Sam [find other works by Steven here]

Margo MacDonald - The Elephant Girls

Farren Timoteo - Made in Italy

Liesl Lafferty - The Gravedigger's Daughter

Beth Graham - Meant to Be [find other works by Beth here]

Chelsey Fawcett - Haram

Alexandria Haber - Women on the Case [find other works by Alexandria here]

Ellen Peterson - Down Cant River [find other works by Ellen here]

Matt Hertendy - Untitled Agricultural Commune Play

Tamara Williamson - The Breakup Diet

Michael Ross Albert - Tough Jews [find other works by Michael here]

Dave Deveau - Lowest Common Denominator [find other works by Dave here]

Laura Anne Harris - Destiny USA [find other works by Laura here]

Christine Quintana - Clean [find other works by Christine here]

C.E. Gatchalian - Falling in Time [find other works by C.E. Gatchalian here]