Unholy by Diane Flacks


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Unholy by Diane Flacks

"Should women abandon religion?” Four female panelists face off in a wild, whip-smart fictional public debate about religion and misogyny. With ferociously fought opinions flying from a progressive Muslim lawyer, an Orthodox Jewish spiritual leader, an excommunicated nun and a lesbian atheist pundit, Unholy delivers a hilarious, moving, no-holds-barred look at contemporary women in organized religion, and women's perspectives in our up-to-the-minute cultural climate as a whole. During the course of the debate, we flash back to specific personal moments in the debaters' lives where they were on a precipice - experiencing a crisis of faith – a moment that challenged their beliefs and made them who they now are. The debate becomes more and more personally (and sexually) charged, as it is informed by seminal memories in each of the panelist's lives. The play explores the tension between how hard we will fight for our deeply-held ideas, versus how important our relationships are with each other. Unholy ask: Love or Ideology? Which wins?

Keywords: Women, Religion, Love, Sex, ideas, debate, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, atheist, smart, funny, relevant, political, current, feminist, activist, race, lesbian, aging, heated, rage

Running Time: 100 minutes

Male Cast: 1

Female Cast: 4