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Searching For Plays

What is the difference between Copyscripts and Stage Ready Scripts?

What's the best way to search the site?

Is there an easy way to look at plays that are similar to each other?

I want information about a specific play.

How do I get background information on a playwright?

Do you have sample or preview copies of scripts?

Where can I find the newest plays?

I don't see the play I'm searching for on your website.

Where can I find Large Cast plays written by female-identifying playwrights?

Placing An Order

What is the CPO's return policy?

How do I place an order?

What format does the play come in? How do I know?

When will I receive my order in the mail?

When will I receive my digital download?

How many copies of a script do I need to buy for my production?

Can I get a photocopy license?

I ordered a digital play and did not receive my link-- what do I do?

Does my musical script come with sheet music?

I have a large order! What should I do?

General Queries

What is the Playwrights Guild of Canada?

How do I get my play into the Canadian Play Outlet?

I want to license one of the plays from your store for an amateur production-- what is my first step?

I am looking for theatre events in my area.

What are the store's hours and location?

Do you offer any discounts?

I sent a message to the website's chat service and nobody answered!